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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Emily Alice will be donating 30% of the purchase price from all items in the Dopamine Collection to Parkinson’s charities throughout the month of April.

This will be the second year that Emily Alice Jewellery has been a champion for  Parkinsons awareness and the funds that are raised will go to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) which is a leading national presence in Parkinson’s disease research, education and public advocacy. You can contact them for support, advice and more at the link above.

I’m donating again in support of my friend and customer Chantal. If you would like to support Parkinson’s another way you can donate to Team Sunlight and Parkinson’s UK. Chantal’s daughter, Jessica, is doing a shark dive on the 20th April and you can donate here 

Thank you for shopping and supporting Parkinson’s awareness month!

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Love Junkie Necklace

One of my top recommendations for Valentines’ Day, the ‘Love Junkie’ necklace is inspired by the hormone phenethylamine which is the hormone of love. Click the photo for more info – or if you are looking for something for your man then try these Love Junkie cufflinks .

Love Junkie Silver Pendant


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Beautiful Boxes!

I just received my newly made packaging from my supplier and I’m so pleased with the results. Here are some pictures of my jewellery boxes, they are covered in a soft dark brown velvet with a cream coloured lining. I think my jewellery will be very happy in these boxes. Thanks to Maleeja for such a great service and letting me meet her at her house to discuss designs.

Dopamine Jewellery from the Chain Reactions Collection.

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A Friendly Face in Vietnam

I met this lady on the beach in Vietnam, her massage station was set up close to where we had settled for our couple of days on the beach. Her days are busy with plenty of tourists unable to resist a $3 massage on the beach, and as she works she flashes smiles our way and always shouts us greetings in the morning.

As the sun is setting on another busy day she comes over to our sun beds to chat as she winds down. Since the sun is setting she has removed her conical hat that she wears for most of the day and is just enjoying the peace of the evening.

We chat for a while and I tune into her accented English and in a handful of words she proudly tells us her story. She has been working on the beach for many years since her son was a baby, when she first started she made very little money and her son lingered with her while she tried to work.

Now, she says, “Money, no problem, no problem” waving one hand in the air, all the while her other hand is deftly and absentmindedly massaging my boyfriends foot and popping his toes with ease and comfort. As she beams and massages she tells us repeatedly with such pride that now her son is going to school and she owns not one but 2 motorcycles! One for her and one for her son. We cannot help but smile and become infected with her joy, I snapped this photo whilst thinking it was one of the nicest moments of the trip so far.

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The Honking Chain

After spending some time in Vietnam you come to realize that one thing is pretty inescapable, the constant honking of horns is everywhere. I feel though, that I may have figured out the honking etiquette, it seems to me like the food chain.

The large vehicles (buses and trucks) honk at everything smaller than them. Vans, mini buses and cars honk at the motorbikes, the motorbikes honk at each other and the bicycles. The bicycles get out of the way.

Pretty simple, although you should consider the following rules of the game too:
• Honk if you decide to drive on the wrong side of the road at a fast pace on a blind corner.
• Honk if you see an animal.
•Honk if you see an unattended motorcycle – better safe than sorry.

•Honk regularly. It’s for the best.
•Honk before overtaking anything.

• Find your own honking rhythm. Ten honks in quick succession is not unacceptable, especially if you are transporting a coach load of people through the night on a sleeper bus.

•Honk on a boat at Halong Bay – well why not?

Please feel free to add your own rules if I’ve missed any!

Courtesy of  Karen (through twitter):

•Honk at a temple! (mostly in Bali but I think it fits in Vietnam too) Thanks :)

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Copper and Cool Blues

‘Copper and Cool Blues’ by EmilyAliceBall

Just because…

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Vintage Copper Chain wi…


Extra Long Chunky Women…


Roped Bowl- 5×7 fine ar…


Extra long copper and c…


Feed Sack Owl – A Bird …


Wire Lace . Bouquet Pen…


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Moroccan Art Silk Bead …




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SAKADO backpack purse i…


large turquoise pendant…


Star finder copper cuff


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Daddy’s Cafe. Malaysia.

If you get the chance to visit the Island of Pangkor in Malaysia then Daddy’s Cafe is without a doubt the place to eat. The seafood and fish is fresh and the chef knows his stuff, it’s a small business and the staff are relaxed and friendly.
If that hasn’t convinced you then the reason to visit is the sunset. After discovering this place on the small island we went back to eat there a few times more until we were due to leave the island just to catch the beauty of the place.
Even if you just go to have a beer on your own and watch the day disappear it is a must see.