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Love Junkie Necklace

One of my top recommendations for Valentines’ Day, the ‘Love Junkie’ necklace is inspired by the hormone phenethylamine which is the hormone of love. Click the photo for more info – or if you are looking for something for your man then try these Love Junkie cufflinks .

Love Junkie Silver Pendant


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Romantic Love – What is Chemistry in Love?

Romantic love

Engrossed in Romantic Love?

Imagine how you feel when you first fall for someone. Easily distracted? Singing or humming to yourself? Daydreaming and smiling so much that you get funny looks on the bus!? Well that’s probably PEA at work giving you that amazing natural high.

Of course, when you are in love the brain is swimming in chemicals and there are other guys we can thank for our feelings too, dopamine and serotonin are highly present, testosterone also brings lust and even adrenaline helps with that ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling. Oxytocin is what develops to create lasting bonds. But I think PEA gets overlooked and it has a role to play too. And a there’s a very noteworthy buzz to be had from it.

What is Phenylethylamine?

Phenylethylamine Earrings - Romantic Love
This pendant is made in the shape of the molecular structure of phenylethylamine. The molecule of romantic love and lust!

PEA is phenylethylamine; a neurotransmitter which controls some of your feelings associated with love and lust. The feeling you get from PEA is what I would describe as intoxication, it’s often highly present in the bloodstream of new lovers and really influences your feelings towards that special person that you can’t get out of your brain.

It has been described as the “molecule of love” because when it is in action in your brain you will feel euphoric, you feel like you are floating on air.

Not in love? Not to worry, did you know that chocolate also contains PEA? Although it is disputed whether or not eating chocolate will boost PEA in the brain, something tells me there are many of us out there who would testify to the buzz it brings us!

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