Serotonin Jewellery

Made for those of us seeking a moment of calm and happiness. Each piece of serotonin jewellery serves as an elegant reminder to take that moment! This collection is available in sterling silver, gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil.

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Serotonin jewellery, designed and made by Emily Alice to bring happiness every day!

Serotonin Jewellery

Each piece in the serotonin collection has beautiful attention to detail. Whether you love happiness and being calm, or the science behind it, these elegant pieces of jewellery will not disappoint. Professionally designed and made by Emily in her studio.

As seen in:

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Serotonin jewellery - The Wirecutter - Serotonin Pendant

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Serotonin Jewellery -Origin Magazine - Serotonin Earrings

Serotonin jewellery

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