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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Emily Alice will be donating 30% of the purchase price from all items in the Dopamine Collection to Parkinson’s charities throughout the month of April.

This will be the second year that Emily Alice Jewellery has been a champion for  Parkinsons awareness and the funds that are raised will go to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) which is a leading national presence in Parkinson’s disease research, education and public advocacy. You can contact them for support, advice and more at the link above.

I’m donating again in support of my friend and customer Chantal. If you would like to support Parkinson’s another way you can donate to Team Sunlight and Parkinson’s UK. Chantal’s daughter, Jessica, is doing a shark dive on the 20th April and you can donate here 

Thank you for shopping and supporting Parkinson’s awareness month!

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