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Love Junkie Necklace

One of my top recommendations for Valentines’ Day, the ‘Love Junkie’ necklace is inspired by the hormone phenethylamine which is the hormone of love. Click the photo for more info – or if you are looking for something for your man then try these Love Junkie cufflinks .

Love Junkie Silver Pendant


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Batch Produced Silver ‘Molecule’ Cufflinks

I’ve recently applied to have some of the work I sell online certified as handmade through the website I sell on, and I thought I would share some of my batch production images here. I’d say these cufflinks are my best sellers so I often make mini batches to have on hand at busy times. And to be honest I love seeing all the matching pairs and sets lined up in unison!

Lined up in pairs ready to be soldered.
Cleaned up cufflinks but grubby fingers marks on the paper!
Letting the pickle do the hard cleaning - I was probably off having a cup of tea
A batch ready to ship out, polished and boxed.
One of the finished pairs: Adrenaline Cufflinks

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About Dopamine – A Driving Force

…and a great reward.

When you are looking forward to something, dreaming of it and working to make it happen, the sweet taste of anticipation, it’s dopamine that is at work.

About Dopamine

about dopamine
Neurons firing

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that creates desire and passion. It is the link between thinking you want something – and actually moving and getting what you want.

In short, it is the pursuit of any pleasure.

It heightens your experiences and builds your desire to have them again, without dopamine you would feel joyless and unenthusiastic.

For many of the reasons above it plays an important part in the chemical cocktail of love, it is often associated with addiction and could quite probably be responsible for what addicts us to each other.

Dopamine Necklace When you’re pursuing your dreams it’s the dopamine flowing, and it is the reward when you achieve them. I think it’s my favorite molecule, and thanks to it’s marvelous effect I would guess you are probably a fan too – even if you didn’t know it!


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Exploring Emotions

In the beginning

After stumbling across an article about emotions some time ago I have become intrigued with the biology of our emotions. I have to confess I’m no scientist, in fact far from it, I’m a jeweler with a slight obsession. But I hope that doesn’t mean I can’t create jewelery with meaning, with more than just beauty. So with each piece I create I also learn and satisfy my current obsession a little more. It all started with the hormone serotonin …


So this one is quite a commonly known hormone, mostly associated with maintaining levels of happiness, keeping anxiety at bay and aiding restful sleep. I think that’s pretty important to most of us! With this in mind I designed my first piece of jewelery inspired by the molecular structure of serotonin. I decided the first piece had to be a chain since the delivery of the chemical in your body is a chain / chemical reaction.

And here it is, the finished piece. It certainly made me happy anyway. More molecular structure inspired jewelery to be made, more research to be done…..phenethylamine you’re next!