Dopamine Jewellery

Dopamine is all about the passion and the devotion in our lives.

The dopamine jewellery collection is designed to inspire and excite, just as dopamine does. Made for the sophisticated woman who is interested in jewellery with meaning and a refined design. Each piece in this collection is carefully made from sterling silver and is also available in rose gold or gold vermeil. More information about each product can be found on the item page.

Express shipping available on all pieces in case you need your gift to arrive quickly.

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Dopamine Jewellery – Recent Reviews

”Lovely bracelet, stunning rose gold. Great service from Emily, always with a prompt response. Highly recommend her jewellery. Overseas postage very quick with excellent packaging for safety.”

”The necklace was absolutely gorgeous. I had gotten it for my girlfriend and the expression she had when I gave it to her was so enjoyable to see.”


All the dopamine jewelry from Emily Alice is designed to reflect the structure of the dopamine molecule, some pieces are made in a 3D form whilst others are 2D. The image below shows my design of the 3D molecules in my collection.

Dopamine molecule


All Emily Alice jewellery is professionally made, beautifully packaged and each piece comes with a description of the molecule. If you are looking for a superior and meaningful gift for someone in your life, I’m here to provide just that.

Dopamine Jewellery


Learn more about dopamine in my post here: Dopamine – a driving force….and a great reward.

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