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The Wirecutter – November 2015

The Emily Alice Serotonin Pendant was featured in this beautifully curated and well thought out gift guide ‘Special Gifts for Your Favourite People‘ over at the Wirecutter.

The Wirecutter - Serotonin Pendant

”Emily Alice Serotonin Molecule Pendant ($150) and bombdesign Get Cosy Pillow ($75)

The Danish have a word, hygge, symbolizing a state where coziness, camaraderie, and contentment are paramount, where happiness even on the coldest and darkest nights can be found in sharing a fire, food, and friendship. Give these gifts to the person who fosters friendly, warm companionship in your life when you most need it, the one who makes you feel happy even when the weather is anything but outside. A cozy Italian-wool-fabric-lined pocket pillow for keeping toes toasty, partnered with an 18K rose gold molecular representation of happiness itself in pendant form to stay near their heart, should sufficiently say tak (“thank you”).
—GH” – Gregory HanThe Wirecutter – November 2015.


Origin Magazine – April 2015

Serotonin Earrings featured in Origin Magazine.

Serotonin Earrings Origin Magazine

Origin Magazine Serotonin Earrings

Boticca – Style Edit

boticca molecule jewellery

Lexus PR – Team One USA – June 2013

Emily Alice Adrenaline Molecule Cufflinks for the Lexus IS launch.

Lexus Studio Shot

Vogue UK May 2012

Vogue Gems Feature

Cuffart Newsletter

Cuffart newsletter

The Jewelery Observer Newsletter

Gift Republic

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Etsy Features

Etsy is such a large community – it’s always nice to be noticed!

Etsy Finds: Christmas in July :: Etsy BlogEtsy Findscrop


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