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Timeline for Facebook Pages

I love the new Timeline for facebook pages – it feels much more like a blog and is heavy on the images which is great for us artists and crafters. Here is a snapshot of my newly published page – I’ll tell you why I like it below.

I new tabs are much more easy to spot than having them hidden away on the side bar – the buttons are much bigger. Definitly a reason to customise them properly as I have done here.

You can now highlight content from your page and make it bigger or pin it to the top of the page. And at last – there is a function where fans can send you a private message which I think is wonderful.

I found this blog post helpful too Prep Your Business Page for Facebook Timeline: 5 Lessons Learned From Old Spice and Other Big Brands | Business 2 Community

All in all I like the new design – come and see how I filled out my timeline with events and features!

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Love Junkie Necklace

One of my top recommendations for Valentines’ Day, the ‘Love Junkie’ necklace is inspired by the hormone phenethylamine which is the hormone of love. Click the photo for more info – or if you are looking for something for your man then try these Love Junkie cufflinks .

Love Junkie Silver Pendant