Molecule Necklaces

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Molecule Necklaces

The most stunning molecule necklaces can be found in Emily’s collection. Each piece is so much more than it seems. Not only are they a creative and stunning representation of science, but also skillfully made pieces that exude quality.

Emily’s careful attention to detail and training as a silversmith means that each link is solid and highly polished. The chain and the necklace have soldered links that move with you, yet are very secure. The necklace is adjustable between 16”-20” so you can alter it to suit your style.

The quality is evident in the beautiful weight of each neck piece. Wearing one if these sculptures is a wonderful experience, not least because of the extra meaning that has inspired your chosen necklace.

Each necklace will be delivered in an Emily Alice presentation box and will include a description of your chosen molecule.


Acetylcholine Molecule NecklacesSerotonin Molecule Necklaces

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