Phenylethylamine Jewellery

Romantic jewellery! Romance with a sprinkling of sensuality and a chocoholics dream.

This collection is a lighthearted approach to feeling loved up. Phenylethylamine is the one of the main players in the cocktail of chemistry that flows though us when we first fall in love. This ‘feel good’ hormone is found in couples in new relationships and it’s also one of the natural chemicals in chocolate! It’s a playful, yet beautifully refined collection of jewellery. A perfect gift for that someone special in your life.

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Romantic Jewellery 

the Phenylethylamine Molecule

This delicate molecule is the perfect piece of romantic jewellery to give as a token of your love. Each piece in the collection is designed by Emily to be stunning and also meaningful. It’s carefully created to be of the highest quality and and very meaningful.

Your jewellery will arrive in a lovely jewellery box and comes with a card that describes the meaning behind the jewellery. It’s made to be cherished.

Romantic Jewellery

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