Outstanding molecule jewellery, professionally made with precious metals.

”This molecule jewellery is science and much, much more…

It’s about making stunning miniature sculptures to be worn, cherished and given with love.”

Chilli (Capsiacin) Molecule Jewellery

Found abundantly in chili peppers, capsaicin is responsible for that burning sensation and tingling feeling you experience when you indulge in spicy foods!

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Serotonin Molecule Jewellery

For happiness and relaxation. Serotonin is the natural feel good chemical that regulates out mood and keeps us calm and happy.

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Gin (Terpineol) Molecule Jewellery

Inspired by a molecule found in gin – from the juniper berry.

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Anandamide Molecule Jewellery – Representing Bliss

The molecule of bliss and joy! This molecule brings a naturally occurring high in our bodies.

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Dopamine Molecule Jewellery

The molecule of love and passion! It’s said to be involved in the process that addicts us to the person we love. It’s also what drives our determination to get what we want, and is the sweet reward of accomplishment.

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Oxytocin Molecule Jewellery

It’s all about trust, bonding and love. Made for someone very dear to you, perfect for your long term partner or a new parent.

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Caffeine Molecule Jewellery

The kick in your morning drink! For all you coffee lovers out there.

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Theobromine Molecule Jewellery (Chocolate)

Theobromine gets its name from the latin name for the cacao tree. Roughly translated it means ‘food of the gods’. The chocolate jewellery collection is inspired by the shape of the theobromine molecule and is made for the chocolate lover!

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Estrogen Molecule Jewellery

Embracing the female hormone, inspired by strong women everywhere.

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Phenylethylamine Molecule Jewellery

For a new romance. The ‘butterflies in your stomach’ kind of new love. Also one of the chemicals found in chocolate!

See the full Phenylethylamine Collection

Adrenaline Molecule Jewellery

The molecule for strength, adventure and power.

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Acetylcholine Molecule Jewellery

The molecule essential for learning, memory and dreaming. The perfect gift for a teacher, student or lifelong learner.

See the full Acetylcholine Collection

Resveratrol (Red Wine) Molecule Jewellery

It’s the molecule that’s found in red wine! It’s in the skin of grapes and also other fruits like blueberries too.

See the full Resveratrol Collection

Swearing is Caring

Not molecule related! But a fun project in collaboration with Oh Gosh Silver. Swearing is caring! Part of the proceeds of these necklaces go to charity or support related organisations.

See the full Swearing is Caring Collection

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