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Oxytocin Pendant

This oxytocin pendant was commissioned as a Valentine’s Day gift. Oxytocin is hormonal superglue and is the bond in all out relationships. Read more about it here!

Oxytocin Silver Pendant Model
Oxytocin Pendant with a polished finish. Sterling silver 2013.
Oxytocin finishes.
Oxytocin molecule. Hand-cut. Matte finish above, black finish below.
Oxytocin from sheet silver
Work in progress. Time to take a breath before cutting out the last part of the shape.

Oxytocin BoxOxytocin Feedback

If you are interested in something similar or commissioning your own piece please contact me.

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Silver Snowflakes

This lovely little snowflake was not formed in a cloud being whisked around as I described a few days ago. But it was made carefully from sterling silver – hand cut with my jewellers saw. Each snowflake I have made this winter is totally unique and there are only three left. Here is one of them – click the image to see more detail and to find more.

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Love Junkie Necklace

One of my top recommendations for Valentines’ Day, the ‘Love Junkie’ necklace is inspired by the hormone phenethylamine which is the hormone of love. Click the photo for more info – or if you are looking for something for your man then try these Love Junkie cufflinks .

Love Junkie Silver Pendant


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Adrenaline Pendant

Adrenaline Pendant £56 [convert number=56 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]

Adrenaline Pendant

Perfect for an adrenaline junkie! This sterling silver pendant has been given a black finish to represent that feeling of power and strength. The chemical adrenaline is the hormone that rushes through you when you are in exciting or dangerous situations. The design of the pendant depicts the adrenaline molecule.

? Sterling silver
? Toggle clasp (t-bar and hoop)
? 42 cm chain
? Handmade by Emily Alice
? Quality, branded packaging with a description of the molecule.
? I stand behind my product, if you are not satisfied contact me within 7 days for a refund or exchange. See my shop policies for more details.

Part of the Emily Alice, Chain Reactions collection. All jewellery comes in a Emily Alice box with a tag describing the molecule.

Shipping costs:

  • FREE – Registered mail worldwide (10-14 days*)
  • Express mail to North America or Australasia (4-7 days*): £14.00 [convert number=14 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • Express Mail to Europe and South America(4-7 days*): £18.00 [convert number=18 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • FedEx to North America or Australasia (2-3 days*): £20.00 [convert number=20 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • Fed Ex to Europe (2-3 days*) £22.00 [convert number=22 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]

[wp_cart:AdrenalinePendant:price:[Shipping|Free Shipping,56.00|North America/Australasia Express,70.00|Europe/South America Express,74.00|FedEx North America/Ausralasia,76.00|FedEx Europe,78.00]:end]

*Delivery times vary depending on your location and do not include unexpected customs/seasonal delays.