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Exploring Emotions

In the beginning

After stumbling across an article about emotions some time ago I have become intrigued with the biology of our emotions. I have to confess I’m no scientist, in fact far from it, I’m a jeweler with a slight obsession. But I hope that doesn’t mean I can’t create jewelery with meaning, with more than just beauty. So with each piece I create I also learn and satisfy my current obsession a little more. It all started with the hormone serotonin …


So this one is quite a commonly known hormone, mostly associated with maintaining levels of happiness, keeping anxiety at bay and aiding restful sleep. I think that’s pretty important to most of us! With this in mind I designed my first piece of jewelery inspired by the molecular structure of serotonin. I decided the first piece had to be a chain since the delivery of the chemical in your body is a chain / chemical reaction.

And here it is, the finished piece. It certainly made me happy anyway. More molecular structure inspired jewelery to be made, more research to be done…..phenethylamine you’re next!