Theobromine Bracelet
– Sterling Silver –


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Theobromine Bracelet

Chocolate lover? This theobromine bracelet is for you.

Theobromine, the word comes from the Latin word for the cacao tree : theo, meaning ‘god’, and broma, meaning ‘food’. Together they mean ‘food of the gods’. Theobromine is found in the cacao bean. It’s chocolate of course! Theobromine is also found in tea leaves and in the guarana plant, but mostly in dark chocolate and also milk chocolate.

The bracelet is designed to be a beautiful representation of multiple theobromine molecules, much more than just science. It’s shaped beautifully, has a sculpted design and polished finish. It has a nice solid weight and smooth feel.

Scroll down to see a more detail in a large image of the bracelet. It comes with a description of the molecule, so if you are buying it as a gift it will be easily understood.

Designed to be loved (and I know it will be), but there’s an easy returns policy just in case.


▪ Sterling silver
▪ Secure spring clasp.
▪ This bracelet is adjustable between 6” and 8”. (14.5cm and 21cm)
▪ Handcrafted by Emily in her studio.
▪ A tree is planted with every jewellery purchase.
▪ Quality, branded packaging with a description of the molecule.
▪ I stand behind my product, if you are not satisfied contact me within 14 days for a refund. See my shop policies for more details.

Professionally handmade by Emily Alice from sterling silver, this makes a wonderful and meaningful gift for yourself or someone else. All jewellery comes in quality boxes with a description of the inspiration.

Chocolate molecule bracelet



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– Sterling Silver –”

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