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Choose the right gift

Finding it hard to decide?

To help you choose the perfect molecule gift I have designed this quick and effective set of questions for you.

There are only 4 questions, each answer only requires a click, so you’ll be done in no time.


What is the occasion?

(Choose one answer from each question, you can always answer the questions again to see a different result.)

anniversaryjust becausebirthday

thank youchristmassomething else


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Gold Molecular Jewellery

Gold plated molecular jewellery is coming very soon to Emily Alice!

Emily Alice Jewellery


    • Prices start at $100 / £66 for gold plated.
    • Handmade molecular jewellery made from sterling silver with a gold plated finish.
    • Coming in August 2013

Privacy is important. Your email address will not be shared.


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Christmas Pre-orders

Emily Alice jewellery makes great gifts for your friends and family, why not order a piece of happiness delivered with free shipping (worldwide) in time for the holidays? Read on to find out more and then browse the shop to find the perfect piece for you or someone else!


molecule jewelry

Christmas Orders 2013

I’m processing orders within one day – unless the item is clearly listed as made to order. You can get a free shipping code here and all orders come with free gift wrapping.

Delivery aim is 5 days to many locations including the US and Canada and Europe, 2 days within the UK.

As we reach the end of November and into December please consider upgrading your shipping to a faster option if you are outside the UK .


Thank you! Please contact me if you need any advice.




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Caffeine Cufflinks

Caffeine Cufflinks £100 [convert number=100 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]

Cufflinks for a coffee lover!
These caffeine cufflinks were originally a commission from a Vice President at Nescafe. The cufflinks are handmade from sterling silver and represent the molecular structure of caffeine. They would make great gifts and were a hit when delivered to the VP’s team for christmas.

The oval shape is to reflect the coffee bean. Each different sized hole represents a different element of the structure C8H10N4O2.

? Sterling silver
? Round bar with hinge links for secure fit
? Handcrafted by Emily is her studio.
? Quality, branded packaging with a description of the molecule.
? Basic tracking provided with postage to protect against loss.
?I stand behind my product, if you are not satisfied contact me within 7 days for a refund. See my shop policies for more details.

Professionally hand crafted by Emily Alice. All Emily Alice jewellery comes in beautiful and quality boxes with a card to describe the molecule.

Shipping costs:

  • FREE – Registered mail worldwide (10-14 days*)
  • Express mail to North America or Australasia (4-7 days*): £14.00 [convert number=14 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • Express Mail to Europe and South America(4-7 days*): £18.00 [convert number=18 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • FedEx to North America or Australasia (2-3 days*): £20.00 [convert number=20 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • Fed Ex to Europe (2-3 days*) £22.00 [convert number=22 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]


*Delivery times vary depending on your location and do not include unexpected customs/seasonal delays.

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Dopamine Rings

Hello my dear Chantal, welcome to your secret hidden post on my blog. It’s only for you!

Here is the video – 2 photos are at the beginning and I will post them below too. Sorry the video is not very good- like I said I only have my little webcam! Anyway, it’s the spinner ring I made with the idea I had:

Untitled from Emily Alice on Vimeo.


And these are the ideas that should have arrived with the second email:

Talk soon xxx

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Timeline for Facebook Pages

I love the new Timeline for facebook pages – it feels much more like a blog and is heavy on the images which is great for us artists and crafters. Here is a snapshot of my newly published page – I’ll tell you why I like it below.

I new tabs are much more easy to spot than having them hidden away on the side bar – the buttons are much bigger. Definitly a reason to customise them properly as I have done here.

You can now highlight content from your page and make it bigger or pin it to the top of the page. And at last – there is a function where fans can send you a private message which I think is wonderful.

I found this blog post helpful too Prep Your Business Page for Facebook Timeline: 5 Lessons Learned From Old Spice and Other Big Brands | Business 2 Community

All in all I like the new design – come and see how I filled out my timeline with events and features!

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Serotonin Bracelet



Wear a little happiness with this sterling silver bracelet, perfect for a special occasion or just to make you (or a friend) smile. Fastens with a T-bar clasp for ease.
In the human body serotonin is the chemical best known for creating happiness and excitement, the circles and holes depict the serotonin molecule.

Part of the Emily Alice – Chain Reactions collection. All jewellery comes in a Emily Alice box with a tag describing the molecule.

Shipping costs:     Registered mail worldwide (10-14 days): £3.50
Express mail to the US or Canada (4-7 days): £15.00
Express Mail to the European Union (4-7 days): £17.50
FedEx Worldwide (2-3 days): £20.00

[wp_cart:Serotonin Bracelet:price:[Shipping|Registered Mail,118.50|US and Canada Express,130.00|EU Express,132.50|FedEx Worldwide,135.00]:end]