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Adrenaline Ring – My Life, My love, My Adrenaline.

An adrenaline molecule ring, with a beautiful custom engraving. The front shows the molecule adrenaline and the groom chose to have the ring in silver.

This ring was made as a wedding band for a groom and he was thrilled with his choice and the craftsmanship.

I’ve made a similar ring to this before, in the blackened silver style that you’ll see in my classic adrenaline collection. See below for pictures of the blackened adrenaline ring.

adrenaline ring adrenaline ring IMG-0433 IMG-0424



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New Adrenaline Designs

The Chain Reactions: Adrenaline collection, is now finished. Here are the new designs available in the store.  Each piece is handmade from sterling silver and is blackened to give a bold finish. As with all pieces in the chain reactions collection the shapes are abstract interpretations of the molecular structure of the neurotransmitter adrenaline (epinephrine) C9H13NO3.

Adrenaline Pendant. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Necklace. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Bracelet. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Earrings. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011
Adrenaline Cufflinks. Blackened Sterling Silver.

Adrenaline Ring. Blackened Sterling Silver.
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Adreanaline: A sneak preview.

I’m redesigning my adrenaline jewellery range, its not finished yet but here is a peek at the new earrings for you. Sterling silver with a black finish to echo the strength and power that adrenaline brings. As with all the pieces from the Chain Reactions Collection the shape of the jewellery is based on the molecular structure of the hormone, in this case, adrenaline.

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