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Gift Guide for Mom

In this gift guide you’ll find you some of the best suited choices for Mom this year from the Emily Alice collection. Say you love her with something unique, that will remind her of you all year round.

 Choose 2 or more pieces from anywhere in the shop and I’ll upgrade your shipping to Fedex International Express (2-3 days* shipping) at no extra charge.


Oxytocin is the bond in all our relationships, it’s especially strong between a mother and her children. Oxytocin is the hormone that creates that first bond between new born babies and mothers, too! So it’s perfect for a mom of any age.

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Serotonin is that real feel good hormone. It makes us happy and keeps us calm. Want your mom to have a relaxing day? Choose a piece from the Serotonin collection, it will bring smiles all year.

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See the entire serotonin collection….


*Shipping times depend on your location. 2 – 3 business days.

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Bridesmaids Gifts – Serotonin

Bridesmaids Gifts: Serotonin Pendants

Are you looking for a unique way to thank your bridesmaids? These Serotonin Pendants are a beautiful way to show them how much you appreciate them, give them a bit of happiness captured in silver!

Each piece comes boxed and with a card describing the molecule. Serotonin is best known as the feeling of happiness so is perfect for a reminder of you special day.

The pendant is handmade from sterling silver and the shape of the pendant depicts the serotonin molecule.

Each pendant costs £52, but if you buy 3 or more you can save 15%:

3 pendants: £132 (save £24): 4 pendants: £176 (save £32): 5 pendants: £220 (save £40)

Also available are Dopamine Pendants, Serotonin Earrings, Adrenaline Pendants or if there is something else you would like to commission please contact me ([email protected]) to discuss your ideas.

If you would like to purchase this listing please email me at [email protected] and answer the following:

Which pieces of jewellery would you like?

How many pieces do you need?

What is the date of your wedding?

I will then send you an invoice with the discounted price depending on your chosen amount. Any questions? Just ask! Thanks for looking.





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Adrenaline Ring – My Life, My love, My Adrenaline.

An adrenaline molecule ring, with a beautiful custom engraving. The front shows the molecule adrenaline and the groom chose to have the ring in silver.

This ring was made as a wedding band for a groom and he was thrilled with his choice and the craftsmanship.

I’ve made a similar ring to this before, in the blackened silver style that you’ll see in my classic adrenaline collection. See below for pictures of the blackened adrenaline ring.

adrenaline ring adrenaline ring IMG-0433 IMG-0424