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A Collection of ‘Red HerRings’

A Little Word Play

Red herrings: I quite like words, I like word play even more.
This is a re-visitation of an old project – in fact it was the project I set myself for my final year at university.

The source of my inspiration is the dictionary. I have been through my copy with a fine toothed comb and collected all the words I can find with the word ‘ring’ in it somewhere. Firing, remebering, enduring and hard-of-hearing are a few examples. I’m working on fabricating a range of words into rings to be worn. Check back for updates and to see how I have interpenetrated the words I choose.

Here are some that I have already created;

Tiring    Remembering    Heartstrings    Hard-of-hearing     Enduring    Firing    Entering/Injuring

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New Adrenaline Designs

The Chain Reactions: Adrenaline collection, is now finished. Here are the new designs available in the store.  Each piece is handmade from sterling silver and is blackened to give a bold finish. As with all pieces in the chain reactions collection the shapes are abstract interpretations of the molecular structure of the neurotransmitter adrenaline (epinephrine) C9H13NO3.

Adrenaline Pendant. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Necklace. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Bracelet. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Earrings. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011
Adrenaline Cufflinks. Blackened Sterling Silver.

Adrenaline Ring. Blackened Sterling Silver.