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New Adrenaline Designs

The Chain Reactions: Adrenaline collection, is now finished. Here are the new designs available in the store.  Each piece is handmade from sterling silver and is blackened to give a bold finish. As with all pieces in the chain reactions collection the shapes are abstract interpretations of the molecular structure of the neurotransmitter adrenaline (epinephrine) C9H13NO3.

Adrenaline Pendant. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Necklace. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Bracelet. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011.
Adrenaline Earrings. Blackened Sterling Silver. 2011
Adrenaline Cufflinks. Blackened Sterling Silver.

Adrenaline Ring. Blackened Sterling Silver.
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Adrenaline Earrings

Adrenaline Earrings £58 [convert number=58 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]


Each of these adrenaline earrings is a representation of the molecule adrenaline. Made from sterling silver and given a black finish – these are sure to make an interesting and beautiful addition to your earring collection. They represent power and strength and make a great conversation starter.

? Sterling silver with an oxidised finish (not a coating)
? Sterling silver ear wires with no oxidised finish.
? Handmade by Emily Alice
? Quality, branded packaging with a description of the molecule.
? I stand behind my product, if you are not satisfied contact me within 7 days for a refund or exchange. See my shop policies for more details.

Professionally handmade by Emily Alice from sterling silver, these make a wonderful and meaningful gift for yourself or someone else. All jewellery comes in quality boxes with a description of the inspiration.

Shipping costs:

  • FREE – Registered mail worldwide (10-14 days*)
  • Express mail to North America or Australasia (4-7 days*): £14.00 [convert number=14 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • Express Mail to Europe and South America(4-7 days*): £18.00 [convert number=18 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • FedEx to North America or Australasia (2-3 days*): £20.00 [convert number=20 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]
  • Fed Ex to Europe (2-3 days*) £22.00 [convert number=22 from=”gbp” to=”usd” template=” (approx. $%result%)”]

[wp_cart:AdrenalineEarrings:price:[Shipping|Free Shipping,58.00|North America/Australasia Express,72.00|Europe/South America Express,76.00|FedEx North America/Ausralasia,78.00|FedEx Europe,80.00]:end]

*Delivery times vary depending on your location and do not include unexpected customs/seasonal delays.