Molecules of food and drink.


Resveratrol (Red Wine) Molecule Jewellery

It’s the molecule that’s found in red wine! It’s in the skin of grapes and also other fruits like blueberries too.

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Theobromine Molecule Jewellery (Chocolate)

Theobromine gets its name from the latin name for the cacao tree. Roughly translated it means ‘food of the gods’. The chocolate jewellery collection is inspired by the shape of the theobromine molecule and is made for the chocolate lover!

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Caffeine Molecule Jewellery

The kick in your morning drink! For all you coffee lovers out there.

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Gin (Terpineol) Molecule Jewellery

Inspired by a molecule found in gin – from the juniper berry.

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Capsiacin (Chilli) Molecule Jewellery

Capsiacin is the molecule that makes chillis so spicy!

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