Spinner Ring
– Sterling Silver –


This ring is made to order, current production time is around 2-5 days, please contact me for rush orders.

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This spinner ring depicts 4 molecules – you can choose which molecule suits you best! See below for more information on each molecule.

This ring is a great interactive piece of jewellery with the band on the outside able to spin and be played with. This ring is not domed on the edges like many handmade spinner rings, instead it is sits flush with your finger with no overhang and spins freely.

This piece is made to order – so take the chance to personalise it if you like. I can make one for you with one of the molecules listed,  a new molecule or something else entirely!  For something else entirely please contact me with your ideas.

▪ Sterling silver
▪ Handcrafted by Emily in her studio.
▪ Quality, branded packaging with a description of the molecule.
▪ A tree is planted with every jewelry purchase.
▪ I stand behind my product, if you are not satisfied contact me within 14 days for a refund or exchange. See my shop policies for more details.

Professionally hand crafted by Emily Alice, made from sterling silver.

Part of the Emily Alice – Chain Reactions collection. All jewelry comes in a Emily Alice box with a tag describing the molecule.

Choose your molecule

Dopamine is all about desire. It drives your pursuit of pleasure and excitement. It is said that dopamine is involved in the process that addicts us to each other.

Serotonin is best known for creating happiness and relaxation.

Adrenaline is about strength and power and a rush of excitement.

Caffeine in the stimulant that you find in coffee!

Phenylethylamine  is that famous hormone found in chocolate. It is also found  in our brains and is said to be a natural aphrodisiac. A perfect molecule for mood boosting and that feeling of walking on air.

Theobromine is the chocolate molecule.

Acetylcholine is the molecule for dreaming, learning and memory. It’s also the neurotransmitter linked to introversion!

Phenylethylamine is the feeling of romance and walking on air when you  meet someone new.

Resveratrol is the red wine molecule.

Anandamide is the molecule of bliss.



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– Sterling Silver –”

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