Anandamide Earrings
18k Rose Gold or Gold Vermeil


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Anandamide Earrings – The Bliss Molecule!

Each earring is a detailed sculpture of the anandamide molecule. The anandamide molecule represents bliss and/or fertility – you can choose which description card you would like to receive with your new jewellery. See the images above.

‘Ananda’ is a word in Sanskrit which means joy, delight or bliss. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that, along with many other functions, acts like a naturally occurring high in our bodies (like THC, the part of cannabis that creates the high).

They are beautifully detailed showing all the elements of the molecule with a light-catching polished finish. Each earring is solid, has nice weight, they dangle perfectly and exude quality.

It’s been found to have a role in fertility, one study suggests it plays an important role in creating conditions for embryo implantation in the womb. It’s also linked to pain relief, the runner’s high, transporting dopamine (as part of the reward/pleasure system), memory and mood. And scientists are still learning more and more about this amazing endocannabinoid! Aren’t our bodies incredible?!

They come with a description of the molecule, so if you are buying it as a gift it will be easily understood. You can choose whether you want this molecule to represent bliss or fertility and we’ll send the appropriate description card (or both cards if you choose!).

Designed to be loved (and I know they will be), but there’s an easy returns policy just in case.

▪ Rose gold or gold vermeil.
▪ Handcrafted by Emily in her studio.
▪ Quality, branded packaging with a description of the molecule.
▪ A tree is planted for each piece purchased.
▪ Easy returns. See my shop policies for more information.

All Emily Alice jewellery comes ready for gifting in beautiful boxes. I always include a description card to explain the molecule and the inspiration behind it.

Find matching pendants or charm bracelets in the shop. Or explore the other molecules, like serotonin, caffeine dopamine and more!


Additional information

Description Cards

Bliss, Fertility, Both


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18k Rose Gold or Gold Vermeil”

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