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Polishing Dopamine Earrings

Whenever I have friends or family visit, they always want to have a peek in my studio, sometimes I forget how magical it can be to share what happens behind the scenes. I love my work, but I still forget how interesting it can be for someone who is not a silversmith to see some of the processes. I’ve collected a couple of images to share with you guys as a small insight into what happens at my workbench. I hope you enjoy seeing them! If you do let me know and I’ll keep collecting more for an occasional peek!

Here I am using my pendant motor to polish right into the seams and nooks of this silver dopamine molecule.

polishing earrings 500


Here I’m just about to solder the ear wire to the molecule. I’m using my ‘third hand’ tweezers to hold the earring.

Dopamine Earring

And here is a batch of earrings that I just finished soldering, I even make all the ear wires from scratch and then make sure each loop is soldered to the molecule to be really secure.

Jewelry making

And the final polished earrings, this pair are on their way to Canada right now!

  dopamine earrings 500

I hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to my workshop!


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