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Plant a tree with your jewelry.

Plant tree with jewelry
So, what do Brazil, China and the US have to do with Emily Alice Jewelry? If you’ve ever ordered a piece of jewelry from me recently you will have seen one of these lovely tags (above) along with the molecule description.
Yep, when you buy some molecule jewelry from my shop I’ll plant a tree. Well, I’m not actually going out digging (apart from when I’m tending to my herbs and lettuce). But I donate regularly to a charity that is planting trees in Brazil, China and the US!Each project has an important focus including re-developing forests that are homes to pandas in China, bio-diverse forests in Brazil and regenerating carbon capturing in the US.

Plant tree with jewelrySo I wanted to say thanks to you for supporting my business, this is just one of the ways I stay true to my values.

Hope you are having a great week!


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