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Cotton Molecule Pendant – Anniversary Gift

Cotton Molecule Pendant

This piece was a special commission for a second wedding anniversary. Cotton is the symbol for the second year of marriage – its symbolic as cotton fibers are closely interwoven, much like two peoples lives in the second year of marriage.

Cotton Molecule

This pendant is inspired by the cellulose molecular structure C6H10O5(n), this molecule is a repeating unit. Cotton is 90% cellulose so this was the perfect choice for this cotton themed gift. The sterling silver pendant represents a single cellulose unit. It’s a piece made to be treasured and loved.

cellulose molecule


1 thought on “Cotton Molecule Pendant – Anniversary Gift

  1. I commissioned Emmie to make this piece for me for my second wedding anniversary. I wanted to give my partner something more than towels or clothing – I wanted something lasting that could be treasured. Then I found Emmie’s website. It was incredibly easy to contact her and she responded to my email quickly.

    We discussed the shape and design in detail and Emmie sent me through an image of what the final piece would look like. It was nothing compared to the real thing – it is absolutely stunning and my partner was delighted.

    I cannot recommend Emmie enough – she really went our her way to make the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have seen. The quality is just amazing and the price tag did not break the bank which was great. Something so personal and intricate is so rare. I will definitely be asking Emmie to design more for me in the future.

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