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Oxytocin Wedding Band


Oxytocin Wedding Band - CAD Oxytocin Wedding Band in the making Oxytocin Wedding Band

4 thoughts on “Oxytocin Wedding Band

  1. Hi Angie! I’ve just sent you an email – if you don’t get it please check your spam folder or get back to me on here if you prefer!

  2. Hi Emily, I’m wondering what your prices are for an Oxytocin wedding band for a groom? I’m also wondering if you can do different metals? Like a brushed silver finish on a wedding band? Thanks for getting back!

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for your message, I’ll send you an email shortly with a quote, and yes, a brushed finish is absolutely possible. Emmie :)

  3. Hey Emily, I really like this ring! Could you send me an email with some price estimates for different finishes? Especially interested in white gold or platinum.

    Thank you so much!

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