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Fashionable, Bold and Exciting!

Lexus IS Press kits with Emily Alice Adrenaline Cufflinks

The Lexus IS Press kit

There are billions of molecules! But only one was right for the launch of the Lexus IS in 2013.

I was very proud to be approached by the team that runs the PR for Lexus and asked to make a batch of cufflinks that could be used in their press kits for a special launch.

Lexus Studio Shot

Adrenaline cufflinks

The PR team was using the adrenaline theme to compliment the personality of the car ‘fashionable, bold and exciting’ and my cufflinks were a perfect match. They designed the spherical pod to encase the cufflinks to echo the shape of the elements in the molecule.

Each pair of cufflinks were carefully handmade in my studio from sterling silver and given a blackened finish. Many hours of work went into making each pair perfect!

The PR kits were sent to journalists across the US and my wonderful contact kept me updated on the feedback they were getting. The cufflinks were a huge hit and  there was some great feedback from journalists at Cigar Aficionado, GQ and The Robb Report to name a few.

The cufflinks were so well loved that I even had an order for an additional few pairs of cufflinks to be presented to the (V)VIPs at Lexus/Toyota! I was so thrilled that my adrenaline cufflinks were such a good match – as were the PR team.


“Despite the time difference, Emily was incredibly responsive, easy to work with and flexible on timing when I commissioned her to create jewelry for a media press kit. She delivered ahead of schedule and each piece was flawless.”

K.Alford – Account Supervisor. (See this recommendation on my LinkedIn profile and connect with me)


Cufflinks in the making

123456Adrenaline Cufflinks 1


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2 thoughts on “Fashionable, Bold and Exciting!

  1. Hello Emily Alice,

    Maybe you have such a Lexus Press Kit for me? I am an Lexus enthousiast and driver in the Netherland!

    Kind regards,

    Bert Philip Florijn


    1. Hi Bert,
      I’m glad you loved the Lexus press kits! The kits were commissioned and made by the PR team at Lexus USA – I made the adrenaline cufflinks – they were the central gift that all the press received. I can’t make you a press kit, but I can gladly make you a pair of the adrenaline cufflinks – you can order them here:

      (I have also been told that Akido Toyoda himself has a pair)

      Let me know if I can help any more


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