2D Molecule Jewelry

This collection has been discontinued! Please see my current 3D molecule jewelry in the shop.

This fun loving collection is perfect for everyday wear. It will bring a reminder of how you want to feel or what you hope to achieve. Bold and beautifully designed, these pieces are made from precious metals and strong sentiments.

For the young-at-heart lady who is not afraid of her own intelligence and love for science.


2d Molecule Jewelry

D Molecule Jewelry

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The 2D molecule jewelry collection includes dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, acetylcholine and phenylethylamine. If you would like to commission a new molecule then please get in touch.  You can explore the sister collection of 3D molecule jewelry here where you can also find molecules such as oxytocin, caffeine and estrogen.

To find out more about the molecule designs then visit About the Designs.

If you want to read and learn about the different molecules and what they represent then head on over to the blog and choose from the articles on ‘Molecules in day to day life’.


Enjoy exploring!


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