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Some of you who arrive here will already know me and my work, or exactly what you are looking for. If that’s the case then, hello again! Let me point you in the direction of my collection here.

If you are wondering what my molecule jewellery is all about – read on, and prepare to be enamored and delighted with some simple science and stunning design.

What is molecule jewellery?

Good question!

First, let me start by telling you that I am a jeweller and not a scientist! I’ve been making jewellery for almost 15 years and studied my craft at university in Sheffield, England. My work is simply inspired by a topic I love and am fascinated by. At the moment that is science, more specifically hormones and how they affect us.

As you browse around my shop you will see a common theme. Molecules. I’m going to pick one that you have probably heard of and show you how my jewellery represents it.

serotonin pendant

Serotonin Jewellery

The lovely serotonin hormone is best known for boosting happiness and it was one of the first pieces I designed for this collection.

The unique make up of serotonin molecule is –

C10 H12 N2 O

 Serotonin Molecule

That means there are 10 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms, 2 nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. I also consider the atomic weight of each element, and design the size of each sphere with that in mind (hydrogen being the smallest sphere and the lightest element etc). Together these atoms make the molecule of serotonin.

3D serotonin molecule structure diagram and explanation

The shape you see is inspired by the 3d diagram of the molecule, but still has my artistic spin on it. After all – jewellery is all about adornment, design and beautiful objects isn’t it?

So, now you are in the know, enter my world of molecule jewellery and explore stunning designs inspired by passion, happiness, love and power to name a few. There’s even a range inspired by chocolate which is irresistible in more ways than one!

Or you could take a look at my customized pieces and see how I have turned other peoples dream designs into a reality.


If you love what I do please drop me (Emily) a line at [email protected] or why not become my VIP and get updates and exclusive access to new one-of-a-kind pieces.


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