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Spinning Threads into Gold

I recently visited an exhibition at the Bangkok Arts and Culture center which I really enjoyed. The artist, Surasi Kusolwong, had collected a large amount of threads and strips of material to cover an area of the gallery floor. The threads were piled up and guests were welcome to remove their shoes and enter the soft and inviting exhibit.

After my friend and I had rolled around for a while we went to  read the artists description of the piece and discovered that there were six gold chains hidden somewhere in the mass of threads, and if you found one it was yours. Suddenly my whole perspective had changed (maybe I was sitting on one?!). As it turned out, I wasn’t sitting on one, or I couldn’t see it if I was and it was much more entertaining to watch others discover the concept and start digging. One woman was methodically working from one side to the other leaving discarded mounds behind her, and others had found a space for an afternoon nap.

On the day I visited there were 3 out of 6 gold chains left in the installation, I wonder if they will all be found before the end of the exhibition. I hope that Mrs Methodical finds one if only for her tenacity!

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