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Commemorative Coin – Embrace the Chaos

Embrace the Chaos – Commemorative Coin

Customer’s Requirements

My client approached me wanting a commemorative coin for a 5 year wedding anniversary. She explained to me that her husband and herself would often make big life decisions based on a coin flip and she wanted to make a special coin to suit them.


After some discussion we decided on the design for the ‘heads and tails’. Their custom  coin would have an elephant on one

side for the strong and sure path. he reverse would show an adrenaline molecule to indicate the more risky choice. She chose to have to words ‘Embrace the chaos’ engraved on this side too.


The sculpted copper coin really captured the essence of this couple, I’m told the husband carries it with him in his pocket daily! It seems that both sides of the coin are positive for them and they make the most of what they have or choose or is fated to them!

commemorative coin  commemorative coin

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