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Avidin and Biotin Rings

avidin and biotin rings

Avidin and Biotin Rings

This lovely commission left my studio this summer. Designed for a couple of postdoctoral researchers, they wanted a ring each that would also fit together to represent the avidin – biotin interaction.


Design and Inspiration

avidin cross


To give you a simple overview, Avidin is a protein and Biotin is a vitamin. The Avidin is represented by the central cross on the rings (shown in green) when they are placed together.


Avidin can bind up to four Biotin molecules. These molecules are represented by the ring shanks which curve around and join into the valleys of the cross. The ‘S’ and ‘N’ are the initials of the couple.








The shape of the ring shank represents the backbone of the biotin conjugate.






Finished Rings

These wonderful pictures were taken by my customer after the avidin and biotin rings arrived and she kindly let me use them here!

D600 C600 B600 A600


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